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Increase your brand’s Share of Voice and grow your sales conversion. By turning your happy customers into digital Influencers with Authority ® IRM Modules.

Once connected to your Influencers, Au.thor.i.ty ® IRM‘s scalable and agile Campaign Management System will incentive your Influencers on their 2Ps (Passion and Performance) when they forward communications & campaigns, or when they create content you approve.

Finally, You will gain unique 360° insights about your Influencers reach, impact and relevance to branding and lead generation efforts. Au.thor.i.ty ® IRM is presently used by brands, eCommerce websites, influencer websites and agencies – from Small companies to Large Enterprises.

Au.thor.i.ty ® IRM has propitiatory technologies that optimize digital Word-of-Mouth of both Macro and Micro Influencers, while embedding anti-fraud technologies and personal CPM capabilities. Au.thor.i.ty ® IRM is integrated with most Social Channel (global and local channels) and leading Instant messaging (such as WhatsApp).

Social Internet’s Au.thor.i.ty ® IRM customers that chose to directly manage their relationships with their influencers are spread across 4 continents.

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