End-to-End Influencer Relationship Management Platform

Data driven relationship
influencers to increase your brand loyalty and sales

  • State-of-the art tools to enable you to discover and choose the right influencer to deliver your brand message. Our technology provides access to a full scale of Influence parameters to ensure accuracy in matching the right influencer for you brand.
  • Using this tool you will get an insight about the influencer Audience, resonance and relevance
  • Authentic reviews and user generated content made simple using our influencer marketing platform.
  • Engage and manage the influencers of your desire while they deliver an accurate brand messaging.
  • Set-up your campaign performance KPI’s and our algorithms will calculate what's the monetization value of each influencer.
  • Enabling you to have a long term relationship with influencers by providing tools to fit your influencer customer journey to keep the relationship ongoing.
  • Our clients love in particular these tools; Boutique, Share & Earn, Employee Advocacy, Off-line to Online and more
  • Real-time access to influencer Data across multi touch points
  • Transforming you to become a data driven marketing organization to secure a match between your KPIs and your desired ROI and will set inputs for the future.
  • Our Fraud-Free technology will make sure you get the value of native interactions and shall protect your organization from fraud prospects
  • Discover, engage & maintan infleuncers across many social channels to deliver better experiences at scale

Influencer Discovery Tool

Find your target influencers whether they are Micro, Medium, Macro or celebrity. Our tool enables a influencer search in relation to audience and influencer demographics, language, gender, brand affinity, resonance and performance. Chose from many criteria and find your right influencers to reach your targeted audience.

Influencer Audience Analytics

How would you like to know who are the audience that follows an influencer you want to work with. How many female /male followers that influencer has? from which city? language? ethnicity? what brand do they love and talk about? and much more. 

AI, textual analysis and image recognition technology will present deep data analytics about an Influencer and the Influencer Audience.


Free-Shop and Authentic Review. A marketplace tool whereby your influencers get free products or services and in return create content with thier authentic review about their expreince. The Boutique will extract your Influencer's audience data in order to help you choose the right influencer to create authentic review for you. The Boutique will also aggregate all the authentic reviews and their performance data in a single view.

Share & Earn

Out-of-the-box solution. With no integration needed our website and app widget technology creates an automatic digital word-of-mouth loyalty club. This technology enables your random site visitor or app user to become your brand ambassador and advocate your content & products using their own social channels. The personal touch of your own consumers in your marketing message will increase your brand awareness and sales.

Enterprise Advocacy Platform

Employees are your greatest influencers. Our Advocacy technology helps organizations to leverage this bond and have employees to share their love and engage your enterprise story on their own digital channels.

Influencer Marketing Platform

Fraud-Free & performance based influencer-marketing campaign management platform. The platform utilizes a CPx approach, enabling your organization to engage influencers in a performance based type of campaigns. The platform's advertising currencies include CPC, CPM, CPL, CPA, CPP, CPV And more. Influencer payout for participating in campaigns using this system can be in cash, credit card, bank transfer, vouchers, coupons or points.

Offline to Online (O-2-O)

Methodology and Technology. Today, Most purchase transactions are made off-line. Our O-2-O offering allows your off-line consumers to easily become your online brand ambassadors advocate your brand message, products or other things you desire your consumers to speak about you with their friends and family.


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