Au.thor.i.ty ® IRM enables you to turn your customers into influencing ambassadors, and incentivize them for the value they generate through digital word-of-mouth methods, via 4 different touch points with your customers:

Invite Your known Customers and Influencers in your market to become Your brand ambassadors. Then, propose them to share and create content, and to be rewarded against the measured value they generate.


Marketing Platform

Social Content


Share&Earn’ plug-in for e-Commerce, publisher, enterprise websites, newsletters and apps will turn your occasional site visitor into an Influencer, who will better engage customers and move them into action.

Leverage your un-tapped employee’s and eco-system’s reach through their social channels followers to promote your corporate communications, and reward them against their performance.


Enterprise Advocacy


to Online

Turn offline customers to online digital influencers and vice versa through incentivised social sharing techniques that will appear on physical assets offered by your company (stores, packages, products, packages, bags…).

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